Preimplantation examination

Preimplantation examination FAQ

Who recommends the implementation of PGD/PGS

It is necessary to assess at each genetic consultation of the couple before IVF whether the criteria to perform PGD/PGS are fulfilled. The examination of embryos always requires a recommendation from a clinical geneticist and written consent of both partners by law.

Are the methods of PGD/PGS covered by health insurance?

If the examination of PGD/PGS is indicated by a clinical geneticist on the basis of the criteria set out in Recommendations of the Czech Society of Medical Genetics CLS JEP, the test is covered by health insurance, even if the IVF cycle is not paid by health insurance (women aged over 39 years, with completed number of reimbursed cycles). Couples only pay some micromanipulation techniques in the context of IVF that is not reimbursed by health insurance (e.g. high-standard methods of egg fertilization - ICSI, PICSI, extended embryo cultivation).

If a couple asks for PGS and the criteria are not met, the clinical geneticist may indicate PGS, but the full price is paid as for other self-paying patients according to the price list.