For the information about prices of the particular types of treatment we prepared complete price list.

Donor programs with guarantee

We guarantee min. 6 mature eggs from egg donor. We guarantee at least 2 quality embryos on the 3rd day of cultivation ready for transfer. If the sperm quality is good and we do not achieve this, your next cycle is free of charge.

If no clinical pregnancy results (fetal heart beat) after 2 cycles having had attempts with all available embryos from these treatment cycles and the sperm quality is good, you will get the 3rd cycle for free.

GENNET loyality program

Our way of saying thanks to our patients. Most patients stay with us even if the treatment is not successful and we want to reward them. The concept is simple: our patient earns with every cycle voucher for 10% discount from the next cycle. If they are successful and most of them are, they can give this voucher to the friend.


Payment methods

GENNET is an international clinic, so our patients can pay in EUR or CZK either by transfer, credit card or cash.