Special laboratory methods

PICSI (preselected intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

PICSI is a laboratory method that allows selection of the ideal sperm cell for egg fertilization using hyaluronan that binds only mature and healthy sperm.

The success rate of egg fertilization by this method is around 90%.

When do we recommend PICSI?

  • If there was a low level of egg fertilization using ICSI in the previous cycle
  • For repeated miscarriages or
  • After repeated embryo transfers without subsequent embryo implantation
  • For poor embryo quality during previous IVF cycles
  • In other cases depending on the physician's recommendation

How does PICSI work? 

A special hyaluronic hydrogel is used to select the most suitable sperm cell for egg fertilization. The hydrogel only binds mature and healthy sperm cells that are able to fertilize the egg. Selected sperm cells fertilize the eggs using ICSI by introducing this particular sperm into the egg cytoplasm.