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  • Our IVF success rates exceed the average results in Europe. The success rate of the donor program is more than 69 %.
  • We provide more than 3 000 cycles each year and have already helped more than 10 000 children into this world.
  • All in one place: we are one of the few centres that offer comprehensive care, including urological, genetic and immunological examinations at our clinic.
  • We offer a unique package of donated oocytes with a guarantee of 2 blastocysts and a 3rd cycle for free. More information here.
  • We are one of the few IVF centres using the revolutionary Embroyscope + time-lapse incubator equipped with IDA Score software.
  • You can have your initial consultation with our IVF specialists online in the comfort of your home for free. You can book it here.
  • NEW! We now offer treatment with donated embryos after PGT-A examination.
  • NEW! If you are interested in exclusive embryological methods, you can use our complete method package at a discounted price. More info here.
  • NEW! For the new year, we have also prepared a complete package of PGT-A examination, thanks to which you can undergo this testing at a favourable price regardless of the number of embryos tested.
  • Our specialists are leaders in the field and are involved in infertility treatment development. This allows us to offer you, for example, the GERT test to confirm the implantation window and endometrial receptivity, which was developed by the GENNET genetics laboratory.
Practical info Free online consultation with our IVF doctor! Attractive IVF packages
IVF cycle with donated eggs – 2 blastocysts guarantee + 3rd cycle for free + 2nd cycle 10% discount
5.900 €
  • Large donor database, short waiting times
  • 3rd cycle free of charge in case of 2 unsuccessful transfers
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IVF cycle with own eggs
2.900 €
  • 39-57 % pregnancy achievement in 1st IVF cycle
  • About 1 500 cycles performed yearly
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IVF cycle with donated embryos
1.600 €
  • Wide selection of donors, no waiting times
  • About 300 cycles performed yearly
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Complete package of laboratory methods
1.090 €
  • Increase your chance of success!
  • Can be used for treatment with own ordonated oocytes.
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IVF cycle with genetically tested (PGT-A) donated embryos
2.300 €
  • Increase your chances with a genetically tested embryo
  • 3rd cycle free of charge in case of 2 unsuccessful transfers
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Complete package PGT-A
1.700 €
  • Save in case of a higher number of embryos tested
  • Includes biopsy, PGT-A and vitrification of unlimited embryos
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Date: 07/12

Take advantage of our Christmas dates for a free consultation

Are you longing for a baby, and still no luck? Take advantage of our Christmas dates for a free consultation and step into 2024 with new hope for a complete family. There could be one more of you in 2024!

News News
Date: 06/12


Watch the record of the Livestream with IVF specialist Dr. Karolína Adamcová and coordinator Karolína Hejzlarová who introduced news from our clinic and covered the following topics: The course of treatment step by step from the first contact to…

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Date: 17/10

Christmas holidays opening hours 2023

Dear patients, We would like to inform you about our operating hours during the Christmas holidays from December 24, 2023, to January 2, 2024.

News News
Date: 07/02

New PGT-A package

We have prepared a new genetic testing package to increase your chances for successfull conception.

Success rate

Thanks to the excellent job of our experienced embryologists we are able to achieve more 85% rate of successfully fertilized eggs. This is increasing the chance to pick the best embryo for the transfer. The statistics of the successful treatments at Gennet Clinics are based on the number of clinical pregnancies of our patients.

Success rate of the IVF program according the age

  • The number of all cycles at the Gennet clinics Almost 5000
  • Success rate
    Donor program
    69 %
  • Success rate of the IVF treatment more than 40 %

Clinics & Technology

Ing. Michal Fazekaš


The GENNET Clinic was founded in 1996 as a medical genetics centre. It was then expanded to include infertility treatment services in 2005 and now has three locations in the Czech Republic.

Currently, GENNET provides comprehensive service in male and female reproductive health care. The foundation for us is a high-level diagnosis using genetic, immunological and/or urological testing. The IVF treatment itself is under the control of our experienced IVF doctors, embryologists and nurses, supported by the latest technology and equipment. Our pregnant patients are always greeted with a smile by our team of experienced prenatal sonographers.

I am pleased to contribute from my position as the CEO to ensure all our clients feel comfortable, safe, and happy and that every treatment leads to a successful outcome.

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