• Our IVF success rates exceed the average results in Europe.
  • The success rate of donor program is more than 69%. We provide more than 3 000 cycles each year and have already helped more than 10 000 children to this world.
  • GENNET offers all required examinations, tests that are necessary for infertility treatment and in addition also the latest testing in the field of genetics, immunology and andrology.
  • We are the only assisted reproduction  center in the Czech Republic that has at its disposal a revolutionary incubator with time-lapse imaging Embryoscope +  equipped with IDAScore software.
  • We offer an unique package with donor eggs which guarantees 2 blastocysts and 3rd cycle for free. More information here.
  • You can have your consultation with our IVF physician online from safety of your home for free. You can book it here .Our physicians will answer all your questions regarding the IVF treatment during the free consultation
  • The Czech borders are open and there are no more Covid restrictions in our country. You can find the updated information about the travel conditions from your country on official website https://www.mvcr.cz/mvcren/article/coronavirus-information-of-moi.aspx  or contact your coordinator.
  • We have had more than 1000 patients from all over the world since the beginning of the Covid pandemic! Do not be afraid to start your treatment! We take the possible risks and customize the treatment to your possibilities at no extra costs in case of any complications!*

*(your flight is cancelled; you or your household member are tested positive for Covid-19)

Covid-19 Vaccine Info Free online consultation with our IVF doctor! Attractive IVF packages
IVF cycle with donated eggs – 2 blastocysts guarantee + 3rd cycle for free + 2nd cycle 10% discount
5.900 €
  • Unique package among the IVF clinics
  • No waiting times
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IVF cycle with own eggs
2.900 €
  • 39-57 % pregnancy achievement in 1st IVF cycle
  • About 1 500 cycles performed yearly
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IVF cycle with donated embryos
1.600 €
  • Wide selection of donors, no waiting times
  • About 300 cycles performed yearly
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Complete package of laboratory methods
Save up to 200 €
  • Increase your chance of success!
  • Can be used for treatment with own ordonated oocytes.
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News News
Date: 21/09

Christmas holidays opening hours

Dear clients, we would like to inform you about the limited service of our clinic from 24st December 2022 to 2nd January 2023 due to Christmas holidays and validation of our laboratory devices.

News News
Date: 18/08

Partnership with Reproscan

The GENNET clinic is part of the Future Life group operating in numerous European countries. This allows our Irish patients to profit from an exclusive partnership with Reproscan Ireland.

News News
Date: 13/06

Precise sperm selection using advanced selection methods significantly increases the chance to conceive (PICSI, ICSI, MACS and MFFS)

Advances in the field of assisted reproduction are very fast and new methods and approaches that keep treatment rates high are emerging every day. Since we are often asked about which advanced methods of sperm selection we offer at our clinic and the…

News News
Date: 05/01

Embryo monitoring with artificial intelligence

Dear clients, we are the only assisted reproduction  centre in the Czech Republic that has at its disposal a revolutionary incubator with time-lapse imaging Embryoscope +  equipped with IDAScore software.

Success rate

Thanks to the excellent job of our experienced embryologists we are able to achieve more 85% rate of successfully fertilized eggs. This is increasing the chance to pick the best embryo for the transfer. The statistics of the successful treatments at Gennet Clinics are based on the number of clinical pregnancies of our patients.

Success rate of the IVF program according the age

  • The number of all cycles at the Gennet clinics Almost 5000
  • Success rate
    Donor program
    69 %
  • Success rate of the IVF treatment more than 40 %

Clinics & Technology

Ivana Kavková


The clinic GENNET was founded as soon as 1996 as a center of medical genetics. It expanded its services by adding infertility treatment in 2005. At present it has three subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and one in Great Britain in the very center of London. As a general director, I am very happy to be a part of the team that makes our clients happy in the entire course of treatment.
Top-notch technological equipment in our clinics, professional approach of all my colleagues
and a wide range of examinations only complete our mutual effort to achieve a perfect result, namely the fulfillment of dreams of hundreds of our clients every year.

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