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Complexity of services of our clinic GENNET enables our clients to undergo the entire treatment in one location. GENNET offers all required examinations, tests that are necessary for infertility treatment and in addition also the latest testing in the field of genetics, immunology and andrology. We have our own genetics and immunological laboratory. Our doctors are the best in their fields with many years of experience.

Long tradition

Our clinic was founded in 1996 as a centre for medical genetics. We started to grow and added many more new specialisations including, but not limited to, the assisted reproduction in 2005. The founder Dr. David Stejskal still belongs to the core members of the medical team.

Top results

Our IVF success rates exceed the average results in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the excellent work of our experienced embryologists we are able to achieve 85% rate of successfully fertilized eggs. This is increasing the chance to pick the best embryo for the transfer. The statistics of the successful treatments at Gennet Clinics are based on the number of clinical pregnancies of our patients. The average success rate of the IVF treatment is 40% across all age groups (57% by the age of 30). The success rate of donor program is more than 69%. We provide more than 3 000 cycles each year and have already helped more than 10 000 children to this world.

Great Location

Our clinic is located in the very center of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. There are many hotels and apartments around the clinic and it’s very convenient to reach us with public transportation (metro, bus and tram). Thanks to the great location in the heart of Europe it’s easy to travel to us from European countries. The flight time from the UK, Ireland, Italy or France is about 2 hours, from Germany or Poland it is about 1 hour.

Personalised treatment

The core of our medical treatment lies in the personalised therapeutic plans and individual approach to each client. We will discuss all options and suggest the best treatment for you. We provide the PGT-M tests for the embryos if needed or give you whole immunology treatment if necessary.

For the pairs who just started planning to have a baby we offer a unique „Carrier test“ that examines the hereditary dispositions that may affect parental fertility and health of the offspring.

If you decide for treatment with donor cells you can use our own sperm bank and egg donor list. All our donors are carefully selected and meet the strict requirements according to the Czech law. The donor remains anonymous, but you can select the main criteria you require.

Individual approach

We do our best for your satisfaction. We continuously make an effort to improve our services so that their quality meets your expectations to the maximum. There are no waiting times and there is always a coordinator who will take care of you and guide you throughout the whole process. You will not be left alone in your treatment, you can also at any time discuss all your questions with coordinators. Our colleagues in the International patient office speak English, Italian, German and French.

Advanced technology

The clinic GENNET has the latest technical equipment that enables our experts to determine accurate diagnosis and subsequent course of treatment. The state-of-the-art technical equipment of the clinic GENNET significantly helps to achieve constantly high success rates in the treatment of our patients.


All our clinics are certified according to international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and medical laboratories are accredited according to ČSN EN ISO 15189: 2013 to ensure your maximum satisfaction and quality of provided services.

GENNET clinics regularly and officially demonstrate and confirm their expertise, objectivity, and independence for carrying out our activities. At the same time, we also participate in international quality controls every year and we support international research projects.

Our doctors, nurses, laboratory staff and coordinators of the international patient office attend congresses and educational events. Through regular education, we increase the professional competence of our colleagues and thus ensure the best possible care for you.