Not even poor quality of gametes of both partners is an obstacle for our clients to become biological parents in GENNET. Thanks to latest technology, qualified experts and large donor database, our clinic achieves a high success rate in the treatment with donated embryos.

For whom is the treatment intended?

  • couples in which both partners have gametes that are unsuitable or unable to fertilize due to various reasons

What is the procedure of donor selection?

  • the couple completes a form at the initial interview where they state their personal data
  • the couple also states their preferences regarding the female donor in the form
  • unique software selects the most suitable donor from our registry
  • we attempt to select donors with approximately the same phenotype as the recipients (eye color, hair color, height, blood group)


Who will be our female donor?

  • woman aged 18 – 34 years in good health
  • donor must undergo the following examinations repeatedly:
    • genetic examination
    • blood test for HIV, hepatitis B, C, Chlamydia, syphilis
    • hormone testing
    • gynecological examination
    • internal examination

Donors are often university students or young women on maternity leave.

Who will be our male donor?

  • man aged 18 – 40 years in good health
  • donor must successfully undergo the following examinations:
    • semen analysis
    • blood test for HIV, hepatitis B, C, Chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, syphilis
    • urine analysis
    • genetic testing
    • repeated blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases