Special laboratory methods

Permanent monitoring of embryos

We are the only assisted reproduction  centre in the Czech Republic that has at its disposal a revolutionary incubator with time-lapse imaging Embryoscope +  equipped with IDAScore software.

IDAScore assigns a score to each embryo based on an algorithm formed on deep neural network learning to predict the viability of embryos cultured in Embryoscope +. 

IDAScore identifies embryos with the highest chance of implantation and is thus used as a supplement to clinical decision-making and the final assessment of the embryologist. IDAScore objectively "compares" a particular embryo with other embryos that have similar developmental patterns and generates a score that correlates with the probability of implantation. Thanks to this software, we move the evaluation of embryos to a higher level.

This method increases the chance of pregnancy by up to 12.5%.

Main advantages:

• Implantation rate

• Higher chances of a successful pregnancy

• Shortening the duration of treatment

• Lower risk of complications and pregnancy loss

• Successful treatment even in the advanced age of a woman