Special laboratory methods


Vitrification is a technique of freezing reproductive cells (oocytes, sperm) and embryos, in which the cells are rapidly frozen to -196 ° C in a few seconds. During vitrification, cryoprotective agents are used to protect the cells from frost damage.

The success rate of thawing the cells after vitrification is 95%.

What can be frozen by vitrification?

This very fast freezing method allows us to freeze eggs and embryos as well. Cells are preserved for future use due to this method.

When is freezing of gametes suitable?

Most often eggs, sperm and embryos that are created as part of an IVF cycle and are not used immediately are frozen using this method. Vitrified reproductive cells and embryos are thus preserved for clients for possible future cycles at our clinic.
It is also possible to freeze eggs as part of the so-called Social Freezing. People often decide to freeze this because they want to start a family at a later age.