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We had been waiting for 6 long demanding years...then Sára came


We would like to share with you the story of our journey to IVF happiness.

My husband and I got together in 2015, after only 3 months of dating we knew we wanted a baby together (I know it's fast, but when you feel he's the one, there's nothing to wait for). After a year of trying and repeated failure, we decided to seek professional help.

We live in the Hradec Králové region, so in 2016 we started visiting the clinic that was closest to our place of residence. We went through many tests - without finding the cause of the failure. Both of us are healthy according to the doctors. There were many IUI attempts and 3 failed IVF cycles.

I lost all hope and strength for anything. My husband and I were almost on the verge of breaking up as it was mentally demanding. Fortunately, that didn't happen and we decided to switch off for a while and dedicate ourselves to renovating our home - it's said that it works when you occupy your head with something else. It wasn't like that with us. Still failed…

I joined various Facebook pages about IVF, where women support each other, advise each other, discuss... There I almost learned about the "miracle" Dr. Jarošová from GENNET. My husband and I decided to change the clinic for the last IVF attempt, and I insisted on the doctor.

So in 2022 we went to Prague for help. The doctor and I had a nice chat, we underwent various examinations... June 7, 2022 was the day we went for the so called 3-day bubbles. We "only" had 2 embryos left, so we had both implanted, knowing about the risk of multiple pregnancy.

And here comes the miracle! June 14, 2022 was THE most beautiful day for us - I did a pregnancy test and there was a "ghost" then the hcg blood test came and it was there - our luck was confirmed!

And why am I writing all this? To give strength to all who are waiting and happiness is not coming yet. We waited 6 years. It´d been a long 6 years full of hopelessness, expectations, disappointment and hope...but at the end of it all we got it. DON'T GIVE UP!


We had been waiting for 6 long demanding years...then Sára came

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