Examinations during pregnancy

Non-invasive prenatal paternity test

Detection of paternity is carried out by blood tests or examination of other biological samples. Methods used in criminology are used to compare genetic markers that are stored in the DNA of the mother, alleged father and child.

  • paternity is demonstrated with a probability of more than 99.9%
  • paternity is excluded with 100% certainty

GENNET provides the following paternity testing:

  • Non-invasive paternity test by arrangement from the 11th week of pregnancy*
    • only the blood of the mother and alleged father is investigated
    • testing can be applied only for singleton pregnancies
  • Paternity test by arrangement of the mother and alleged father
    • the results cannot be used for legal acts
  • Expert paternity test by court order
    • collection of material is carried out in the presence of a court expert
    • results are provided with expert opinion, can be used for legal acts


  • price of non-invasive test during pregnancy is USD 1 500 and transportation costs (testing is performed in USA)
  • price of paternity test by arrangement or by court order is CZK 5 000 per sample


For more information and reservation please contact chief nurse Ivana Hrodějová
tel: +420 606 215 382
e-mail: ivana.hrodejova@gennet.cz

*Testing is carried out in DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), Fairfield, OH 45014. Center for Medical Genetics and Reproductive Medicine GENNET concluded a contract with the company DDC to perform this test.