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Our greatest love Ellinka


We send warm greetings to Gennet in Litoměřice!

We would like to thank you for everything. Our thanks go especially to Mrs. Dr. Kadyrová and the nurse Kristýna Uhlířová for all your care and kind words which you gave us during those more than two years we had been regularly seeing you. We would like to announce that a week ago, on 29.8.2020, our biggest love Ellinka was born - 3,2 kg and 49 cm. We send you a few fotos from my pregnancy and especially fotos of our little one. They are just from home, we are going to a photographer in 14 days. Everybody says she is the spitting image of her father. Even the nurses in hospital mentioned this when they saw him coming to visit me (even their hair is completely the same).

What´s more, we would like to express our thanks to Mr. Dr. Vokroj who did that fateful KET. Our thanks belong to the nurse Martina Dib, who took care of us in the operating theatre, as well. They might remember me thanks to the fact that it was 14 days before Christmas and we told her that we came for a Christmas baby and there´s no other possibility.

Once again, our thanks go to the whole team and we send our regards. Ellinka is the greatest happiness that we have encountered in our lives so far.


Veronika with family

Our greatest love Ellinka

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