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Twins from London


After a few interventions in London clinics which had failed, at 42 I found myself looking for alternatives.

I became aware of Gennet via an online forum for ladies who were having problems conceiving. Initially I was interested in taking a donated frozen embryo that someone else had not needed. A match was found after a few months. City Fertility did the scans and I went to Prague to see Gennet in December 2012 for two donated embryos to be implanted. Unfortunately these failed to take, which was devastating as I had convinced myself it would work. I had many emails with Nikola and she explained to me that my best chance would be to have donor eggs and donor sperm.  After a lot of thought and counselling through City Fertility, I decided to go ahead.  I decided not to place any requirements on what I was looking for in a donor (I know a lot of people request a good education level etc but I was not unduly concerned about this).  I relied Gennet to make the match. However a few weeks before the transfer I began to worry and asked Nikola if I should change the sperm donor. She was very clear that I should stick with the match I had and I decided to trust her and hope for the best.

In May 2013 I returned to Prague for the transfer. This resulted in a successful pregnancy and I gave birth to twins by cesearean in January 2014 at the age of 44. The twins are now 5 years old and doing well at school. They are incredibly bright and very talented in sports and gymnastics. I would recommend GENNET. You will be in safe hands.  

Michelle, England

Twins from London

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