New PGT-A package


We have prepared a new embryo genetic testing package to increase your conception success.  The package includes:

  • Vitrification
  • Biopsy
  • 12-month storage of embryos
  • PGT-A testing


Who is PGT-A suitable for?

PGT-A testing is indicated by a clinical geneticist primarily in situations where there is an increased risk of chromosomal defects in embryos.

However, any couple undergoing IVF who wants to be sure that an embryo with the wrong number of chromosomes will not be transferred can opt for the PGT-A. In the case of previously failed implantations, it is possible to rule out that cause as a reason for failed IVF cycles.


What are the objectives of PGT-A?

The PGT-A aims to deliver a healthy baby in the shortest possible time using safe methods. The PGT-A does not mean certainty of pregnancy, but it helps to achieve it by enabling:

  •  to reduce the number of spontaneous abortions
  • to reduce the risk of abnormal pregnancy
  • to save time and costs by reducing the number of cycles required to deliver a healthy baby
  • beneficial diagnostic information for patients considering further IVF treatment

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We have prepared a new genetic testing package to increase your chances for successfull conception.


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Dear clients, we would like to inform you about the limited service of our clinic from 24st December 2022 to 2nd January 2023 due to Christmas holidays and validation of our laboratory devices.


The GENNET clinic is part of the Future Life group operating in numerous European countries. This allows our Irish patients to profit from an exclusive partnership with Reproscan Ireland.