Infertility treatmnet

Infertility treatment

The maximum age limit for women who are interested in treatment with methods of assisted reproduction is 48 years. It is not possible to perform embryo transfer or insemination after reaching 49 years of age. We only treat heterosexual couples according to Czech law. 

We attempt to proceed from simple and gentle treatment methods to more demanding methods in couples where it is possible due to their diagnosis.

In the event of dominant female factor the following intensification follows:

The course of treatment in the event of dominant male factor is determined by the seriousness of pathology.

In less serious disorders we can proceed as follows:

When we are limited in the selection of treatment procedure by serious pathology of one or both partners, the treatment using technology of assisted reproduction is the method of first choice.

This procedure concerns couples:

  • we are limited by the time factor, i.e. age of the woman and man
  • there is a disorder of ovarian transport on both sides (fallopian tube obstruction)
  • there has been a significant decrease in male fertility