Martha 38, Germany

It has been a long time since I had several IVF cycles with PGD in your clinic. Although they were all unsuccessful, we delight in our six-month-old girl today. I would especially like to thank MUDr. Bukvová. Thanks to her I felt very happy at the clinic. Above all, she managed to encourage me, help me and advise me in my desperation. It was because of her that we did not give up trying and we are happy parents now.

Camilla 42, Italy

I can only recommend GENNET. The care is very good, the employees explain everything to you and they speak frankly. I like the attitude of the entire staff. We always feel well at the GENNET clinic. We will have an embryo transfer soon and our expectations are high, but we are not afraid, because there are real experts in the GENNET clinic!
The best medical center I know!!!!! Thank you for your professional care and friendly approach!!! I always feel well in your clinic!!!

Andrea 23, Czech Republic

I donated eggs today. I can only recommend this clinic. The place is very nice and the employees are so friendly that I would not mind staying there longer :-) I hope that this is going to bring someone the baby they longed for.

Abigail, USA

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. It is important for me to write this as I don't want the result of the pregnancy test to influence my experience. I have been very impressed from start to finish with the care I received from GENNET.

All emails were replied to without delay and all my questions were answered everytime. I won't remember everyone's name but thank you to Nikola and Pavla.

My Skype appointment went well with Dr Valachovic. Even though I wanted the news to be better than the statistics he gave me, I understand he had to tell me the truth. I did get upset during the Skype interview and Dr Valachovic was very kind and empathetic. He did his very best to allay my concerns and I thank him for that. I also had a Skype chat with a genetic dr from laboratory. I don't remember his name but I thank him for clearly explaining the possible test we may have needed.

When I went to Prague I was very nervous. Here I will never forget a few key people. There was the most amazing nurse in theatre called Martina. I too am a theatre nurse and appreciated everything she did for me. I never thought I'd be able to laugh, I was so nervous but Martina read the situation so well and I felt very reassured and yes I did laugh. She held my hand as I went to sleep for the harvest. I will never forget how reassuring that hand hold was. I was so grateful that day and it is possibly the one thing I will remember the most from my experience.

The next person was Dr Danek who did the harvest. He was lovely. I was very grateful for his follow up afterwards. He came to my room a few times after procedure. I can't take NSAIDS so had bad period pain. He didn't stop till I was sorted. Thanks to the anaesthetist for the IV paracetamol. Dr Danek eventually gave an oral tablet I think called NO-SPA (drotaverini?) which I think did the job. I left the clinic comfortable and pain free.

I don't know the name of the embryologist but through Karolina doing the interpreting she was very good. From the start she was very clear about what was happening and over the following days that is what happened.

I also don't remember the name of the Dr who did the transfer but he was very gentle and I want to thank him for not hurting me. Again on this occasion Martina was there again. It was lovely to see a familiar face. She burst out laughing when I called at my husband not to touch anything blue/sterile!! It's difficult not to act like a theatre nurse!

Finally Karolina, what can I say. From start to finish both my husband and I were so reassured to have regular contact with you. All our emails were dealt with so diligently, never leaving a single thing out. Your personable skills are perfect for this job and we knew whatever the query you would have an answer for us. Thank you for never making me uncomfortable asking multiple questions all the time.

The first day my husband and I sat in the waiting room downstairs in GENNET, we noted your mission statement 'Where excellence meets hope'. It is one of the most accurate mission statements I have ever seen.

However things go with the pregnancy test, both my husband and I will be eternally grateful for your care.