The first consultation with a physician is now FREE


We have great news for you! From the New Year, we have introduced the offer that the first consultation with our physician for FREE. This consultation is completely non-binding: it is up to you whether you continue treatment in our clinic.

Contact us to book your consultation date.


  • Thanks to the comprehensiveness of our services we provide all care in one place.
    • Genetics · Assisted Reproduction · Immunology · Foetal Medicine · Andrology · Urology
  • We have the latest technical equipment. Our specialists are able to accurately determine the diagnosis and the treatment procedure.
  • Our examinations will provide you with maximum information about your foetus. 
  • You're not alone. At all times, you will be accompanied by a team of experts, who you can contact with any questions.
  • We always do our best to satisfy you.

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Dear clients, we are the only assisted reproduction  centre in the Czech Republic that has at its disposal a revolutionary incubator with time-lapse imaging Embryoscope +  equipped with IDAScore software.


Dear clients, our clinic is in full operation and we would like to assure you that the government restrictions in the Czech Republic, don't have any impact on the treatment.    


We thank very much to our dear patient from Ireland who agreed to give us an interview about the whole process of IVF treatment, planning the stay in Prague and coming to our clinic. We are happy for her kind words, for choosing our clinic and giving us an opportunity to help her on her way to become mother.


Dear clients,   We would like to assure you that the latest changes concerning the government restrictions in the Czech Republic, don't have any impact on the treatment.  Our clinics remain open and we are in full operation without any restrictions.