SARS-CoV-2: Operating News 15. 6. 2020


Dear clients,

We would like to inform you, that situation in Czech republic is good and stable, restaurants and hotels are already open and life got back to normal.

There are still some precaution measures, e.g. it´s mandatory to wear face mask in public transport and inside of the shops and public buildings.

Ministry of Health of Czech republic updated the map and most of the Europe is green now, including Ireland.

Green countries are considered as safe and people travelling from those countries do not have to have the negative test for Covid-19 anymore and there is no need for self-isolation upon arrival to Czech republic from June 15th 2020 on. The situation may change so we recommend to check the website of Ministry of Health and the link above on regular basis.

People travelling from “orange” and “red” countries, which are considered as more risky have currently 2 options how to travel to Prague:

  1. Staying in Czech republic for less than 24 hours – in that case we would provide you with document confirming that you are travelling for urgent medical procedure – you would only show this once you arrive to our country.
  2. Staying in Czech republic for more than 24 hours – in case that you would like to stay in our country longer than 24 hours then you need the document mentioned above plus negative PCR test for covid-19 (nasal swab). This result must not be older than 4 days while entering the Czech republic. People arriving without that test must go into the quarantine for 2 weeks unless they provide the Czech Hygiene office with negative PCR test within the 72 hours upon arrival. We cooperate with laboratory which can organize PCR tests for our clients.


We can organize the PCR test for Covid for our clients in case that they have at least negative blood test for Covid from their country – not older than 4 days when entering Czech republic.

The PCR tests are done every working day between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning and the result comes back within 24 hours. The price of the test is 2500 CZK or 95 EUR.

We highly recommend to travel only in case that you feel absolutely healthy to avoid unnecessary complications. Also we need to inform you that in case that the PCR test in Czech republic turns to be positive, the patient must self-isolate in our country for 2 weeks (which is the minimum in case that the control tests are negative after 2 weeks of quarantine).

To make something extra for our clients we pre-booked an apartment so in case that someone needs to stay in quarantine in Czech republic it´s possible to use that place to self-isolate. However we believe that it won´t be needed.


In case that you need negative PCR test for covid for return to your country to avoid the self-isolation at home, we can arrange that for you before you leave Czech republic.

However according to the latest information we have, anyone arriving to Ireland or UK must self-isolate for 2 weeks despite the previous negative test.

We recommend to check the official websites of your Government institutions.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Prague soon!

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