Embryo monitoring with artificial intelligence


Dear clients,

we are the only assisted reproduction  centre in the Czech Republic that has at its disposal a revolutionary incubator with time-lapse imaging Embryoscope +  equipped with IDAScore software.

IDAScore assigns a score to each embryo based on an algorithm formed on deep neural network learning to predict the viability of embryos cultured in Embryoscope +. Embryo assessment information is received from the EC server, which uses details from time-lapse data of 115,000 embryos from 18 clinics on different continents and includes a wide range of patients of different ages.

IDAScore identifies embryos with the highest chance of implantation and is thus used as a supplement to clinical decision-making and the final assessment of the embryologist. IDAScore objectively "compares" a particular embryo with other embryos that have similar developmental patterns and generates a score that correlates with the probability of implantation. Thanks to this software, we move the evaluation of embryos to a higher level.

This method increases the chance of pregnancy by up to 12.5%.

Main advantages:

• Implantation rate

• Higher chances of a successful pregnancy

• Shortening the duration of treatment

• Lower risk of complications and pregnancy loss

• Successful treatment even in the advanced age of a woman

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Dear clients, we would like to inform you about the limited service of our clinic from 24st December 2022 to 2nd January 2023 due to Christmas holidays and validation of our laboratory devices.


The GENNET clinic is part of the Future Life group operating in numerous European countries. This allows our Irish patients to profit from an exclusive partnership with Reproscan Ireland.