A new laboratory method increasing the chance of getting pregnant



The ZONA FREE method is a special type of assisted fertilisation and implantation where the embryo is completely stripped of the outer layer (Zona pellucida – ZP). The method is recommended for clients in whom antibodies against ZP – AZP proteins have been shown.
AZP is an immunopathology that contributes to fertility disorders. Before treatment with IVF, although immunologists try to suppress the production of AZP with drugs that weaken the immune response, the treatment is not always successful enough to make the antibodies completely disappear from the circulation.
Even if the blood test for AZP shows negative, its presence can never be ruled out below the detection limit, which can still harm the embryo. However, an embryo deprived of ZP protein residues is "uninteresting" to AZP, and once it is inserted into the uterus, AZP can no longer harm it. 

After removal of the embryo outer layer using the ZONA FREE method, in 2019 65% of patients with proven AZP became pregnant

Who is the treatment for:

  • Patients who have been shown to have ZP antibodies.
  • Other cases, according to the physician's recommendation.

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