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Many thanks to GENNET Letná, which we visited three years ago upon the recommendation of my doctor. Due to my health issues, I had problems getting pregnant.

I had my first examination with MUDr.Sergiu Leahomschi, with whom I went through all the examinations and preparation for IVF.

Our big “thank you” goes to Dr. MUDr. Kateřina Rožníčková, with whom I went through IVF, and who was the first to let us hear our son’s heartbeat. I thank her for that very much. The feeling is indescribable to us and we still remember it with a smile. IVF was successful the first time; we have 6 more embryos stored.

The pregnancy went well; we just had problems with genetics, which fortunately proved to be false mainly due to my “higher” age.

Here, I have to thank mainly MUDr. Jan Diblík, Ph.D., who helped me quite a lot mentally and, especially, to Dr. MUDr. Sabina Březinová from screening. She was supportive, able to explain everything “plainly” without being upsetting. Even in that particular situation, she managed to make us laugh, had patience with our questions and, above all, she was the first to show us that we would welcome a boy into the family. Again, an experience that cannot be described and can only be experienced once in a lifetime.

Finally, in November 2017, our absolutely healthy son Honzík was born. As for every mom, for me, he is the nicest, smartest, and best and most precious boy :)

What I have to write is that no examination was unpleasant or painful. Everything took place in a very friendly atmosphere; with the nurses and doctors, I felt that they were there only for me and I was important to them.

Thank you so much for that.


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