Infertility treatmnet

Preservation of fertility

It is a trend to postpone parenthood to a more advanced age in developed countries nowadays. However, the possibility to preserve your own “young” sex cells for later is a great benefit of modern medicine. Freezing eggs and sperm also helps people who could have problems with fertility in the future due to various health issues or their way of living.

We preserve eggs using vitrification in GENNET. It is a method that rapidly lowers the temperature of eggs under -150°C while maintaining their viability. The cells can be subsequently stored in liquid nitrogen without any time limit at the temperature of -196 °C.

Freezing of eggs (vitrification)

  • who postpone motherhood to later time, but wish to keep their eggs „young“
  • who undergo cancer treatment with chemotherapy, which irreversibly damages eggs
  • with other health issues, such as removal of ovaries
  • with OHSS
  • with a partner who was diagnosed with absence of sperm in fresh sperm sample for IVF
  • to preserve oocytes for future IVF cycles
  • 1 to 2 million eggs are formed in ovaries in the course of a lifetime
  • most of them die before the formative years
  • 200 000 to 400 000 eggs remain in a woman in reproductive age
  • only about 400 eggs finally mature
  • quality of eggs decreases with age
  • the woman can be infertile after the age of 38

Freezing of sperm

  • before scheduled oncological treatment
  • if you are a smoker
  • in some urological diseases (i.e. inflammations, varicocele)
  • in general diseases (diabetes, psoriasis)
  • with advanced age