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Highly qualified experts, latest equipment and individual care are essential for us. We collaborate with physicians and centers around the world and we promote international research and education of professionals who wish to develop further in our field.

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Ing. Michal Fazekaš

Ing. Michal Fazekaš

Ing. Michal Fazekaš

The GENNET Clinic was founded in 1996 as a medical genetics centre. It was then expanded to include infertility treatment services in 2005 and now has three locations in the Czech Republic.

Currently, GENNET provides comprehensive service in male and female reproductive health care. The foundation for us is a high-level diagnosis using genetic, immunological and/or urological testing. The IVF treatment itself is under the control of our experienced IVF doctors, embryologists and nurses, supported by the latest technology and equipment. Our pregnant patients are always greeted with a smile by our team of experienced prenatal sonographers.

I am pleased to contribute from my position as the CEO to ensure all our clients feel comfortable, safe, and happy and that every treatment leads to a successful outcome.