IVF cycle with donated eggs – 2 blastocysts guarantee + 3rd cycle for free

Programme with NEW guarantee!
Price: 5.500 €

As we stand by the high success rate of our treatment, we offer our clients a brand new IVF egg donor package with guarantee of 2 blastocysts and 3rd cycle for free, which is completely unique among the IVF clinics.

Complexity of services of our clinic GENNET enables our clients to undergo the entire treatment in one location. GENNET offers all required examinations, tests that are necessary for infertility treatment and in addition also the latest testing in the field of genetics, immunology and andrology. We have our own genetics and immunological laboratory. Our doctors are the best in their fields with many years of experience.

Our IVF success rates exceed the average results in the Czech Republic.

The core of our medical treatment lies in the personalised therapeutic plans and individual approach to each client. We will discuss all options and suggest the best treatment for you.

We have own sperm bank and egg donor list. All our donors are carefully selected and meet the strict requirements according to the Czech law.

There are no waiting times and there is always a coordinator who will take care of you and guide you throughout the whole process.

You will not be left alone in your treatment, you can also at any time discuss all your questions with coordinators. Our colleagues in the International patient office speak English, Italian, German and French.

Our clinic has the latest technical equipment that enables our experts to determine accurate diagnosis and subsequent course of treatment.

We offer free consultation with our doctors from safety of your home via Skype or phone with no waiting time.


  • Consultation and ultrasound examinations during the treatment cycle
  • The costs associated with the donation (incl. monitoring of donor´s cycle, egg collection,medication for the donor and reimbursement of donor´s expenses)
  • Tests for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis for male partner
  • Sperm analysis + sperm freezing and one year storage (upon request)
  • ICSI, prolonged cultivation, poss. assisted hatching
  • Embryotransfer

This program guarantees our clients at least 2 embryos in blastocyst stage (5th day of cultivation) assuming that he sperm quality is not qualified as OAT (oligoasthenoteratozoospermie) or worse (according to the WHO). In case that the patient receives only 1 blastocyst and does not get pregnant (confirmed heartbeat), we create at least 1 more embryo in asynchronous cycle (it means that the patient receives at least 1 additional embryo from oocyte of another donor) In case that there is no blastocyst and the patient does not get pregnant (confirmed heartbeat), she´s entitled to another cycle with 100% discount.

The third cycle is for free for patients who do not get pregnant (confirmed heartbeat) even after two cycles with donated oocytes with guarantee of 3rd cycle for free (after transfer of all embryos created during these two cycles) and the sperm quality was not qualified as OAT or worse in both cycles (according to the WHO).


  • Other additional laboratory methods (it depends on the recommendation of the physician / embryology specialist and the wishes of the patient)
  • Medication

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