Specia laboratory methods

IMSI (intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection)

IMSI is a laboratory method that allows us to perform a very detailed morphological analysis of the ejaculate using a special microscope to select the best quality sperm to fertilize the egg. The fertilization itself is done by the ICSI method.

When is IMSI recommended?

  • After an unsuccessful IVF cycle using the ICSI method
  • For repeated miscarriages
  • If treatment with assisted reproduction failed
  • If a man has teratozoospermia - less than 4% of the sperm have a normal shape
  • In other cases depending on the doctor's recommendation

How does IMSI work?

Using a special microscope to increase the sample up to 6000 times, embryologists are able to choose the highest quality sperm from a morphological point of view, that is, in terms of shape, form and structure. The selected sperm is then used to fertilize the egg by ICSI method, namely by introducing this particular sperm into the egg cytoplasm.