Not pregnant?
You will be given your money back!

Guaranteed pregnancy with IVF cycle with donor eggs for the first 100 applicants

  • High success rate of treatment
  • Short waiting time
  • Excellent international clinic
  • Modern technology
  • Comprehensive services

Guarantee program comprises:

  • Consultation and ultrasound examinations during the treatment cycle
  • Costs related to stimulation of the donor (donor cycle monitoring and oocyte collection, medication for the donor, reimbursement of costs for the donor)
  • Tests for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis of the patient´s partner
  • Semen analysis + freezing of the partner´s sperm as well as storage for 1 year
  • ICSI, extended cultivation, possibly assisted hatching
  • Embryo
  • Freezing of all remaining embryos (vitrification)
  • Storage of embryos for 1 year

Conditions of guaranteed cycle

  1. IVF cycle with donor eggs with guarantee in a special package for € 7.000
  2. It is necessary to send the result of the treatment - biochemical examination 14 days after ET, ultrasound and confirmed heart rate in pregnancy week 8
  3. If you do not get pregnant, € 7.000 will be refunded to you (price of basic cycle € 4.900 and guarantee 2.100 €)
  4. Guarantee of money refund does not apply to additional services, e.g. genetic and immunology examinations, special laboratory methods or medication

Who is eligible
for the guarantee program?


  • Younger than 45 years (max. 44 years + 364 days on the day of embryo transfer)
  • Required conditions of ultrasound examination according to evaluation of the GENNET physician (no myomas, cysts or other undesirable growths on the uterus)


  • Normozoospermia - that is, meeting WHO reference values for semen
  • Donor sperm can be used in the event of unsuitable result of semen analysis

How shall I proceed?

  1. Complete the registration form
  2. Provide us with all necessary
    documents regarding your health
  3. Find out whether you are an eligible
    couple for the program
  4. Book your first consultation
  5. Wait until your participation in the guarantee
    program is confirmed
  6. Come to us to start
    the treatment
  7. Inform us about the results of your treatment
  8. Are you pregnant?
    You are not pregnant? We will refund
    € 7.000 to you

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