Special laboratory methods


EmbryoGen is a culture medium that contains natural growth factors (cytokines) that occur in the mother during pregnancy. They significantly contribute to positive immune response of the body. Low levels of cytokines in women lead to erroneous communication between the embryo and the uterus, poor control of implantation and eventually, to rejection of the embryo. EmbryoGen is used during IVF treatment for embryo culture before the embryo is transferred to the uterus. It helps to create an environment that resembles the natural environment of female reproductive organs where natural fertilization occurs. This increases the ability of the embryo to settle in the endometrium, remain implanted (stay in the endometrium) and grow further.
EmbryoGen is used from the first day to the third day of embryo cultivation and cannot be used longer.   

When do we recommend EmbryoGen?

  • In cases where the woman had a miscarriage
  • After previous IVF cycles when the embryo failed to settle
  • In other cases depending on the physician's recommendation